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Your character ancestry determines which of the people that form her biological foundation. In a time before he Veiling a vast array of unusual people roamed the world but the Veil cut the away from the world. The few people that have survived are descendants of those peoples. Whether you play an industrious and ambitious human, a fickle unpredictable fey, a pent up lycanthrope or a vampire, a corpse reborn, you are descended through the veil. Your ancestry is the first key to your character's identity, the foundation that comes before education and experience. The role you're born into.

Pathfinder 2e Link
The four ancestries found here are replacements for the ancestries found in the Pathfinder 2e core rule book. These ancestries are created specifically for a modern world. They are reflections of those in the book, those that would have been found before the Veiling. The ancestry chapter (page 22) in the Pathfinder 2e rules includes sections on how to read the ancestry entries. Consult these rules directly when required.



The Fey are an amalgamation of the many faerie, elven and woodland beings that existed before the Veiling. Once they were bright exuberant people full of the energies of life. Since the Veiling such energies have dwindled, the few creature still touched by such are the modern Fey. These are creatures connected to life and nature, beings that exhibit traits of the ancestors, glimpsed of the twinkling power their fore-fathers once held. Example of the old still exist with these people and at times such find it difficult to exist in a cold human world.



The Greys (Kykun) are a species of small humanoids from a distant world. Known locally as Greys due to the coloration of their skin, Greys have been visiting earth for meany years. The few humans that were aware of their early presence assume Grey were here to learn about our world, but their current purpose has seemingly changed. Most humans know of Greys through their own pop culture, they are somewhat of a caricature, a parody of the unknown, few humans have any real evidence that the Greys truly exist.



Humans have always stood as a robust industrial people, and little has changed. Humans still gathering vast cities and build megs-structures to the sky. There is no land they have not conquered, no environment they can not thrive in. But for all their innovation and Humans have remained closed to the energies behind the veil, yet most Humans seem not to miss that which they have never known.



The Lycanthrope people are primal raw forces of nature bound in humanoid form. For most part Lycanthropes are humanoid and blend in with humans but behind that stance is a beast and animal to be unleashed. Although few in numbers there is an array of lineages. Lycanthropes form enclaves, communities of like peoples in an effort to protect their own and for most part they coexist, they tolerate the rule of man but hold their tribal laws more sacred. There are even some Lycanthropes that have risen to power within human societies mastering their ability to blend in.



Not so much as a race, Nephilim are humans born with unique gifts. Some are enhanced by the will of the gods others through sheer luck or misfortune. Nephilim are born into their heritage meaning that they are changed or evolved before birth. No Nephilim is the same as another and some are barely recognizable in their common human origins.



The last real visage of undeath, Vampires are corpses reborn. Where the veil breaks and dark energy flows Vampires bury from the grave, but these are not the dreaded monsters of the past. Modern Vampires are the very line between life and death. Vampires subsist on the essence of life, either directly or indirectly. Most have capability likened to their ancient kin, some bear a striking resemblance.