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Campaign Styles


The default campaign world of RPG Modern. Umbra is a current time real world campaign that incorporates fantasy elements in a modern balanced way. Everything from Elves to Orcs are included, but the Umbral Fog keeps them hidden, for most part.


Evolution is the superhero setting for RPG Modern where the fantasy element gives way for the fantastic. Here, heroes leap buildings and catch bullets. Evolution is styled on the comic book genre, specifically where teenage heroes can stand next to earths mightiest. The focus is on storytelling and game play rather than mechanic balance. The Evolution campaign can even take play into a galactic level.


Crimson is a modern horror gothic setting. In a twist, the base modern setting is stepped back in time to near the industrial revolution. Crimson can be played as a pure horror setting where eldritch beast and mind breaking cults are the antagonists, it can also incorporate steam punk with technologies so bizarre they seem alien.


Conspiracy is a modern sci-fi setting that replaces the fantasy element with political and science elements. Set in current time the campaign focuses more on government agencies and big brother. Characters may be official agents or civilians caught up in a web of intrigue. The campaign often deals with aliens, bizarre mental powers and secret technologies.